Holiday Show with Blue Road

OnMyKneesThe Bitterroot Boys were invited as special guests to Blue Road’s Holiday show down at the Copernicus Center in Chicago. Josh Stokes and I joined Steve Nevets in performing Hold On for the crowd, Jimy Rogers big 60s hit. What a thrill, to sing on a full stage, 2500 seat house with the most wonderful of all delta blues bands in the city, Gary and Joan Gand’s Blue Road.

Josh ripped an amazing solo, rock style this time, capturing all our attention, this kid just takes it up a notch. I’m loving it, stepping out, hamming it up with Gary, “On My Knees.” Gary, Blake, Joan, and TK each solo, all combining into one hella crescendo. I’ve got tears in my eyes, remembering how Jimy did it, now feeling it direct. ¬†Again, the fabulous Moe The Photographer was there to capture the moment, see The Gallery for photos.

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