Bitterroot Lights Up The Holiday

BitterrootBandUndergroundWinOur first full gig together with the winning team at The Underground WonderBar. Colored lights, a clear December night with Holiday spirits high, Bitterroot Band took the stage, and took the room! Nervous to begin, we found our pace and melted into the crowd’s appreciation.

As many bands find, we ran long. Steve Nevets saw the clock, directing us to skip a song and go right to our finale, “go right to Bye Bye Baby, no solos, just go,” he declared. We ended with everyone on their feet. As I’m stepping off the stage I hear a muffled “dum, dum, dum.” It builds, I see a flames from a few lighters, can’t make out the words. Then I realize they’re saying “One More Song!” ¬†Wow, not only a standing O, but an encore! So, we play the skipped song, Fly Away, written with JKimy Rogers, Dan Fischer and Edgar Winter. Because of Jimy, its very emotional, and I put it all in. We end, the crowd back up on their feet. As I get off the stage, Cassy, Underground’s booking agent, invites us back for another show. We’re hugged by everyone. Wow, this is amazing, what a feeling, I just love it!

Moe The Photographer captured the night, check out our spiffy new Gallery!

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