Bitterroot Band Wins Grand Prize

Bitterroot Band wins first place at the Underground Wonder Bar Talent Search!

Bitterroot Band Underground WinJosh and I went to The Underground WonderBar one early October evening expecting to Jam with Pete Sample in their open mike. Met at the door by Diego, who asked if we played originals. “Sure,” I admit, rather hesitatingly. Diego tells us about their Talent Search Contest, with weekly contests cumulating in a grand prize winner. He said a contestant didn’t show, we were asked to fill in. “When?” I asked. “Now” Diego responds. So, Josh and I step up, playing Who Cares, Wonder Why and Bye Bye Baby. Result? We were asked to join the competition the next Monday. We did, and won that night’s competition, earning the right to compete in the final competition in three weeks.

Okay, brought the news back to the band. It was suggested we might better compete with a new line up. Sheesh, 3 weeks out, we’re changing up band members. Steve Nevets joins in on bass, David Keeshin comes in on keys, arranging a three song set, and Christian Larumbe agrees to add his voice and guitar. Two rehearsals and we’re ready.

October 29th comes, we go up second to last. It was awesome, the guys were right on, everything worked. Performing Who Cares, My Bad and Bye Bye Baby, we caught the crowd and lifted the roof off the place! We all had huge smiles plastered on our faces as we strutted off stage, confident in our performance, high five-ing each other and the audience. The last guys play, a cool hip hop group from Rockford, we’re biting nails, they were good. The judges meet, everyone crowds the stage to hear the announcement, who won?

We did! As Bitterroot was declared the winner, the place went up for grabs, hooting and hollering. Have a look at the videos. Our new members decide to continue on after the contest, the new Bitterroot Band is formed. It sure came together for us and we’ll look forward to performing for you!

Yea, Bitterroot!


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