Who We be…

A new band. A new sound. A new experience. Bitterroot Band:


Steve (StevO) Hausheer on guitar and lead vocals

StevO_singingWanting more than just being a good camp fire guitar player, Steve went to TCU’s Van Cliburn school of music to follow his musical dreams, then shifted to audio engineering and work in radio. While at WBAP, Steve earned his first pro gig, picked up by Box Car Willie playing rhythm guitar on his Southwest tour. The roadie life wore thin and Steve moved to work the business side of music, specializing in album production, tracking and artist promotion. Steve began writing, originally working with Curt Powell and then Ken Lewis, publishing several tunes together under Endpoint Publishing, Chicago, IL. Finding more work as a bass player, Steve gigged with several cover bands, but continued writing and formed his first original band, Third Coast Wave. Along the way he met Jimy Rogers who convinced him to sing his songs and worked as his vocal coach. Steve and Jimy collaborated on several more tunes as The JR Project until Jimy’s passing. Steve then formed Bitterroot Band to bring his catalog to life.

Steve Nevets on bass and vocals

Blue_Road_SteveNevets1His words: “MUSIC IS my RELIGION…. If I have one. A religion that is. Makes me THINK, Lets me LOVE, Wipes away my TEARS. I have been playing BASS and Singing for years so I have a large background to draw from. Also being a “DJ,” the music I listen to comes in all flavors. The skys the limit for me and I like it all. For the most part…. I have had the good luck to play music with some of coolist musicians in the Chocagoland area over the years. Blue Road with Jimy Rogers, and Joel Treadwekk. The good Dr. Eddie McLellan, My FRIEND. Fast Break, The Average Wedding Band, The Fast Lane Guitar Brothers Almost Rhythm and Blues Band, (My 1st good band That people wanted to play music with me as a grown up. Thanks guys for letting me drive and being there!), Bobby Scumaci, Julie Miller, Jack Skalon, Geoff Lowe, Mark Ott , Chris Mosher, and the list goes on and on.”

Joel Treadwell on drums and vocals

Boyz__JoelTreadwellJoel Treadwell has been playing drums since he can remember. Son of gospel music legend Pastor Willie A. Treadwell, he grew up in a home filled with music and professional musicians. Following his parents, he played in Church groups around Chicago, then across the nation.

Through a byzantine connection, he started hanging within R Kelly’s entourage, and once known to possess percussive skills, was invited to play on a prank. R Kelly was smitten, invited Joel to tour, starting his R&B career. Joel traveled the next 8 years around the world with R Kelly, then returned home to Chicago as Kelly’s direction changed. Joel reunited with Steve Nevets, forming one of the hottest rhythm sections in the city. Treadwell and Nevets hooked up with Jimy Rogers (The Mauds) to play with Blue Road, touring the Midwest until Roger’s untimely death.

Christian Larumbe on guitar and vocals

Boyz_ChristianSingingChristian Larumbe is a music composer, singer and song writer. Chris comes from a very artistic family and has been in touch with performing arts since he was a child. He started with piano lessons at the age of 6 and learned from his grandmother´s acting skills (f1rst actress Amparo Garrido Arozamena) and his great grandfather, Juan S. Garrido’s music composition instruction. Later, Christian decided to dedicate his life to music. Christian has a degree in music composition, studying with teachers such as Mariana Villanueva, PhD and Arturo Márquez and audited in Julio Estrada´s lab. Christian also studied Opera singing at the National Conservatory of Music in México City, under the direction of the late-great Mexican soprano Irma González. Christian is a respected artist in the Mexican and Mexican-American community, performing in concerts and social events, teaching music history and producing and arranging for local talents. Christian is most passionate about working creatively on his own music.

David Keeshin on keys


David Keeshin is a keyboardist, technologist and composer/arranger of eclectic music that combines elements of rock, jazz, funk, hip-hop, blues and world beat. He’s worked as music director, arranger and keyboard programmer for variety of professional music ensembles that perform at concerts, corporate events and private parties. He teaches privately and is a graduate of Indiana University School of Music.


Josh Stokes on violin

Boyz_JoshStokes1Born of muddied Apalachian blood in the wonderin’ valleys of Southwestern Pennsylvania, raised among the industry-deprived city scapes of the Motor City and its sirene lakeside surroundings, Josh Stokes has always had the heart of a traveler. The “play it by ear”, freespirited lifestyle he has graciously obtained from his many adventures, lends itself perfectly to the same category of his instrumentation. Gaining structure and solidity from exposure to the conditions of the musical community, he has refined a sweetly blended combination of freestyle and orchestration in all that he produces. In that same frolicking lifestyle, the young Mr. Stokes was introduced to many walks of life and shook the hands of America and the world over, meeting many people who shared the same struggle and many who would shed light on other hardships. This exchange of emotion between human beings was raw and inspiring. It had to be molded and built up and shared, for too cruel is the world to not spread the light upon it.

Scott VanWagner on Sax

Boyz_Scott_VanWagnerScott got his musical start way back in his early education, as a member of the concert band way back at the Northwest Grammar School in Storrs Connecticut. Continuing his musical pursuits, Scott earned his degree with a minor in music at the University of Washington with Roy Cummings and Johnny Jessen, then put in a stint at the Berklee School of Music to round out his sax roots. Scott got his start professionally with the band Passages in Seattle, opening for acts like Larry Coryell, Jeff Beck, Jose Feliciano and Rodney Franklin. He has been playing in and around Chicagoland recently with notable bands such as Derek Stout and the Turnsyles, Carlsville, The Big Band Sound of Deerfield, Vat of Chocolate, Just Groove, Blue Road, Shanty Town and now proudly with Bitterroot.