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Music Video for My Bad

We’re creating our first music video! Mark Tulloss has agreed to film, has arranged a cool sound stage and is helping out with script development. Taking the concept of being dumped to new sarcastic heights, this video will be a blast. Life Is Too Hard will follow. My bad, too hard, so sad, you’re mad? [...]

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But wait, there’s more

We’ve just been asked to audition for the TV show America’s Got Talent! Kasey, from Underground WonderBar, connected us. We’ve made it into the second round, presenting to the director, producer and come review committee January 26th. How cool is that? Wish us luck. Then through my BBF Corky Siegel, we’ve connected with a producer [...]

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Extending The Holiday

January 5, 2013 We landed another prime-time night down at The Underground WonderBar, Saturday the Fourth. Full house of fans, all looking to get one more holiday party in before going back to regular winter mode. We’re more comfortable this time out, having had a few shows now under our belts. This one was even [...]

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Holiday Show with Blue Road

The Bitterroot Boys were invited as special guests to Blue Road’s Holiday show down at the Copernicus Center in Chicago. Josh Stokes and I joined Steve Nevets in performing Hold On for the crowd, Jimy Rogers big 60s hit. What a thrill, to sing on a full stage, 2500 seat house with the most wonderful [...]

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Bitterroot Lights Up The Holiday

Our first full gig together with the winning team at The Underground WonderBar. Colored lights, a clear December night with Holiday spirits high, Bitterroot Band took the stage, and took the room! Nervous to begin, we found our pace and melted into the crowd’s appreciation. As many bands find, we ran long. Steve Nevets saw [...]

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Bitterroot Books Underground WonderBar for Debut of New Lineup

Booked our first gig as the new Bitterroot Band, at the coolest spot in River North, The Underground WonderBar December 15th. A Saturday night. Not bad, a prime-time night downtown for a new band. How motivating is that? Fresh from our Talent Search win, we dig in. David scores arrangements for all the songs, a [...]

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Bitterroot Band Wins Grand Prize

Bitterroot Band wins first place at the Underground Wonder Bar Talent Search! Josh and I went to The Underground WonderBar one early October evening expecting to Jam with Pete Sample in their open mike. Met at the door by Diego, who asked if we played originals. “Sure,” I admit, rather hesitatingly. Diego tells us about [...]

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